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    Welcome to the Roman Empire. We are an army formed in 2006 by our creator, Explorer7777. We used to be a superpower, until we fell drastically. The current leaders of this generation of the Romans wish to earn that milestone again, and that's why we need ... YOU.

    Strength and Honour

    - The Roman Emperors

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Roma Invicta

Friends, Romans, Countrymen ,

We have returned.

We have returned.

A little over a week ago, I was asked by Spi to lead this army with him, as Co-Emperor of the great Roman Empire. I was hesitant at first, but once I realised that the word “Romans” shows up on CP – along with the fact that we can adapt the uniform very easily – I immediately sprung at the idea.

But the Roman helmet is no longer available to buy on Club Penguin?

That’s very true – but in terms of historical accuracy – the mass of the real Roman Army did not use the stereotypical “Roman helmet” that is shown. That helmet (which is the item on CP – was reserved mainly for high ranking officers of the Roman Army) The following helmet was the one used by most Roman soldiers:


The following is the helmet that we propose to use in place of the Roman helmet IF you do not have it:

Now you may be rightly thinking – but weren’t Spi and Max at war with each other when they led ACP & LT/SWAT ? 

Yes. We were, and that is partly one of the reasons why we have decided to join forces with each other. We couldn’t beat each other when we were enemies – so think what we can do when we work together. The opportunities are boundless.

As we move forward- we ask for your support – with the right discipline and method – we will rise to the top once again.

Roma Invicta

Strength and Honour

[☧] ᴍᴀxɪᴍᴜs ᴄᴀssɪᴜs ʙʀᴜᴛᴜs [☧]



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