Top 5 troop’s of the week!/ worsw troops of the week.

5.Foldez- He has just joined for a lowish mod rank, and is active. Can we give this guy’ a big round of clap’s.

4. Taz- Taz has brought us back, and done a good job doing it. He has also kept us very active, and is the most active 1ic along with micro!

3. Purpleslime- Purple has tried her best to be active, which is currently hard as she just got acp mod CONGRATS.

2. Jodie- Jodie has been an active plus loyal troop, And has nearly just made all the event’s.

1. Thalia- She has been an active person in this army, and disurves this spot.


worst troop is rohan currently fired. (INACTIVE)

If you want to be in top 5 troop’s of the week comment hear with these questions.

1. What have you done to deserve this?

2. Whats your xat name?

3. What’s your rank?

4. What possiton do you want, 5,4,3,2 or 1.



6 Responses


  2. Im Negative 1, Im the most active mwahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  3. Micro got no right to fire me:-P

  4. rohan were fired cause of innactiveness WE WILL GIVE YOU ONE LAST CHANCE BE ACTIVE OR ELSE

  5. urrm needs changign to she

  6. So you like stealing Troops? We will see about that!

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